openFrameworks for iOS, ofxARKit

ARCubeDrawing is an iOS-based AR drawing app, built using openFrameworks and the ofxARKit library. Users have the ability to place translucent 3D cubes within their surroundings and have a series of controls with which they can customize the cubes. 

Cubes are placed by tapping on the screen. The app features adjustable blend modes, allowing for the cubes to be overlaid on the background in several different ways.

Toggle controls allow for lines to be drawn between all placed cubes, as well as the ability to turn the fill color of all cubes on or off. A color selection mode allows the user to set the hue of the next cube placed. Finally, a clear button allows for all placed cubes to be cleared. 

The app was created as a way to experiment with transparency and drawing in AR space.
© Jack DiLaura