Eight Channel Looper
Max MSP and Ableton Push 

Eight Channel Looper is a custom Ableton Push-based control interface for an eight channel audio looper built in Max MSP. 

The project was the outcome of experimenting with the Push to create an audio performance tool.

The program treats each column of the Push grid like a channel strip of a mixing console. Each column of the Push grid corresponds to one of the eight looper tracks. Each track has controls allowing for the user to Record, Play, Stop, and Erase loops, as well as the ability to turn on and off that track at any point (without erasing or stopping playback).  Each track also has the ability to change playback and recording levels using the encoder above the screen. On an external controller, the user also has the ability to control the pitch of each track.

The screen is used to show the current state of all tracks. Play and record states as well as the current playback volume are shown for each track. A blue loading bar graphic displays the current playback position and speed visually.

© Jack DiLaura